The European continent has served as a hotbed for medical cannabis policy reform and the emerging cannabis industry in recent years. This year the conversation among lawmakers in Europe has shifted dramatically towards adult-use legalization, with countries like Germany and Luxembourg consistently making headlines for their legalization efforts. However, a lesser-known country could beat both of those countries to the legalization punch. Malta, an archipelago in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast, is very close to legalizing cannabis for adult use. So close, in fact, that it could occur any day. Sailing Through Parliament The effort to legalize cannabis for adult use in Malta is not new, yet a recent measure has gained a lot of traction and sailed through the committee stage of the political process last week. The measure is currently awaiting a final reading in Malta’s parliament, which historically has served as nothing more than a formality. The passage seems imminent according to many political observers in Malta. Cannabis legalization in Malta, assuming that the current measure is adopted, would legalize the possession of up to 7 grams of cannabis by adults that are 18 years or older.

Johnny Green, Cannabis & Tech Today, 12/09/2021 06:00:00

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