When cannabis legalization began to gain ground and support, those who remained opposed to these policy changes touted claims that legalization would increase the risk of mental illness or even suicide among affected populations. However, a study has found that this is not the case, suggesting that those opposed to legalization are making unfounded claims. Opponents are likely referencing studies that link mental illness to regular cannabis use, even though those studies have been invalidated by research and do not even revolve around legalization. The relationship between cannabis consumption, mental health, and suicide has been a hot topic for both those for and against cannabis legalization. Those who support cannabis have used the evidence of its ability to treat mental conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to rebuke claims of a link between cannabis and mental illness. Despite this evidence, those against the plant remain unwavering in their claims of cannabis increases the risk of mental illness and/or suicide. Recently, a team of researchers from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Yale Law School, Cato Institute, Reason Foundation, and others decided to investigate the matter. The team built on a previous study that researched a possible correlation between cannabis and mental illness and echoed the first study’s findings that the correlation is nonexistent.

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