Colorado-based technology company Boulder Creek Technologies today announced new nationwide availability for its revolutionary Vapor-Static Extraction system. This sustainable system applies proven industrial processes to large-scale cannabinoid extraction that reduces operating costs by 80% over contemporary extraction methods. Vapor-Static Extraction provides a turnkey solution for manufacturing distillation-ready concentrates by utilizing an all-in-one, continuous process for operators to convert biomass to oil. The process starts by acting similarly to a giant digital vaporizer, heating biomass to generate vapor. It is then cooled and becomes a fog, at which point an electrostatic charge is utilized—similar to current industrial emission pollution-control methods—to produce a distillation ready concentrate with no sugars, no chlorophyll and low wax content “The solventless Vapor-Static Extraction method is exactly what the cannabis industry needs right now because it allows for greater safety, efficiency and sustainability,” said Rick Bonde, CEO, and Co-Founder of Boulder Creek Technologies. “With a top extraction efficiency of 90% and only needing one operator to use, Vapor-Static Extraction has a compact footprint that’s designed to scale.

Cannabis Law Report, 12/09/2021 13:38:00

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