Back in September, Wikileaf reported on South Dakota’s struggle to get marijuana on the shelves after its voters chose to legalize the product for both medicinal and recreational use in a first-of-its-kind election year. That struggle was due in large part to the state’s own governor, Kristi Noem, who led a legal fight against her own citizens. Though Noem lost her bid against medical marijuana, she seems to have won out in her push against recreational weed. That’s all thanks to a technicality. Medical marijuana passed in South Dakota through a ballot measure, which passed with an astonishing 70% supermajority. Measure 26 allows people diagnosed by a physician to have a debilitating medical condition to get a medical marijuana card that approves them to possess up to three ounces of marijuana. Governor Noem tried to delay the implementation of Measure 26, but ultimately failed, and then did a 180 to switch her tune in sudden support of the measure. 

Marie Edinger, Wikileaf, 12/09/2021 07:45:00

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