As many already anticipated, anti-cannabis Governor Holcomb of Indiana made a recent announcement stating that he will NOT consider medical marijuana, decriminalization, or any type of regulatory infrastructure until cannabis is federally legal; but that he’s ‘open’ to allowing regulated sales once prohibition ends. During a year-end interview with Indy Politics conducted earlier this week, Holcomb was asked what he thought about lawmakers starting the process of setting up some type of licensing and retail structure so when cannabis does become legal, Indiana will be ready to launch its own program. “I don’t mind that at all,” the governor replied.  It’s much different than what other “legal” states have been doing thus far, and the approach is not without benefits. Instead of rushing headfirst into legalization with no regulatory framework in place, then scrambling to deal with issues at the last minute as they come up, Indiana can look at other states for guidance to creating their own plan with as little room for error as possible.   Although Holcomb is on board with getting a game plan in place for the future, he made sure to emphasize that cannabis legalization is not a top priority for him and that no circumstances will sway him to act on this matter before the federal government does.  

Alexandra Hicks, CBD Testers, 12/12/2021 19:00:00

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