Regulators in the state of California have begun to standardize marijuana testing as mandated by a new law in the state. The objective of this is to eliminate inconsistencies observed in operational cannabis laboratories in the state. Advocates believe that the law will improve reliability and quality as well as discourage laboratory shopping and other practices that produce inauthentic test results. Officials involved in the industry claim that some cannabis businesses look for labs that will produce the results they’d like to see with regard to contaminants and THC potency. Critics also assert that the absence of standards is also affecting the marijuana testing industry, as it undermines consumer confidence in cannabis products and makes it harder for some laboratories to operate. Christina Dempsey, the spokeswoman for the state’s Department of Cannabis Control, stated that the initiative would bring additional accountability and consistency among licensed marijuana testing labs. She explained that with standardized tests, labs could more easily identify and rectify issues, noting that standardization would also ensure integrity. The department has designated a pair of laboratories managed by the state to create procedures that will be used as a blueprint for every cannabis testing laboratory in the state. The law will also ensure that testing labs are more transparent about their operations and provide more accurate results. This initiative makes California the latest state to have standardized cannabis testing methods. Other states in this category include New York and New Jersey.

CannabisNewsWire, 12/14/2021 04:20:00

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