A company denied licenses to grow medical marijuana in Missouri urged the state Supreme Court Tuesday to compel regulators to provide application info that the health department has argued it’s constitutionally obligated to protect. At issue is the Department of Health and Senior Services’ refusal to turn over applications of successful license holders, despite being ordered by lower courts to disclose them. DHSS has relied on a provision in the constitutional amendment that legalized medical marijuana in Missouri in 2018. Part of the language voters approved stipulates that DHSS, “shall maintain the confidentiality of reports or other information obtained from an applicant or licensee containing any individualized data, information, or records related to the licensee or its operation…” In its filing with the Missouri Supreme Court, DHSS argued that the administrative hearing commission acted outside of its authority and requested the lower court’s decision be reversed in order to uphold the confidentiality outlined in the state’s constitution.James Layton, an attorney arguing on behalf of DHSS, said Tuesday that it is the right of applicants who submitted information for it to be kept confidential and urged the Missouri Supreme Court to “vindicate” the rights of those who invested their money, personal interest and confidential information

Marijuana Moment, Marijuana Moment, 12/14/2021 15:23:00

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