Before buying cannabis from the black market in Monterey County, keep in mind that the product you are purchasing may be tainted by a substance not approved for human consumption. After a year of seizing samples of illicit cannabis from unlicensed cannabis cultivations, clandestine concentrate laboratories, and unlicensed distributors, Monterey County officials gathered Monday morning to announce the outcome of testing the collection of products for contamination. The results, officials explained, illustrate why one’s health and safety are best protected by purchasing and consuming products by legal means. Of the 55 random samples of illegal cannabis pulled from across the county, 84% of products failed official laboratory testing due to contamination. A total of 58% failed in total or part due to signs of water and mold activity, while 42% did not pass based on some degree of heavy metal detection. The presence of pesticides was found in 37% of samples, while 10% revealed some presence of microbial impurities, including salmonella in one case.

Tess Kenny, The Mercury News, 12/14/2021 19:00:00

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