Maine’s new recreational marijuana market posted more than $70 million in sales in its first full year, a start that some in the industry thought would be more robust but that they nonetheless characterized as satisfactory. Growers and retailers are hoping a new year bring more expansion for the industry as stores open in more communities and prices drop, but a number of factors are likely to limit that growth. These include a federal prohibition on marijuana that limits marijuana businesses’ use of banks and a still small number of communities that allow sales. There are also concerns that some areas of Maine have already become oversaturated with marijuana shops, and there’s no evidence the black market for marijuana has dissipated. Matt Hawes, co-owner of Brothers Cannabis in Bangor, said Maine’s recreational marijuana market had a “healthy” beginning. The fact that marijuana is now available for all Mainers 21 and older is an accomplishment in itself, he said.

Mmp News Author, Medical Marijuana Program Connection, 12/29/2021 04:16:00

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