From accelerating the phasing-out of coal to wanting the German roads to be driven on by electric vehicles, the new German government promises a new age. Among the new and the soon-to-be-changing is the fact that the new government has pledged to legalize cannabis. The new coalition was sworn in just in time for Christmas and is already spreading cheer. Chancellor Angela Merkel will be replaced by the coalition, which is formed by the Green Party, the Liberal Free Democrats, and the Social Democrats. This means that the three will work together to govern the country in the coalition—for the first time ever. During weeks of meetings, the coalition had reached an agreement on legalizing the sale of recreational cannabis in licensed shops.  The coalition was signed on Dec. 7, 2021 in Berlin, Germany, according to Politico. Social Democrat Olad Scholz has since taken over the role of chancellor and will be leading Europe’s biggest economy with a “16-strong Cabinet” that is “gender-balanced—eight men and eight women, excluding Scholz himself.” The 16 Cabinet members include seven from the Social Democrats, five from the Green Party, and four from the Free Democrats.  Not only is this new government going to pay more attention to climate change, but they are also setting an example for the inclusivity of women, all while giving some of their people what they want: legalized cannabis. According to the BBC, the coalition wants “a fairer, more liberal Germany which makes tackling climate change a priority.”  Unfortunately, the voters are divided over the new government’s plans, shown by concerns about legalizing cannabis and preventing doctors from advertising abortion services. Other controversial plans from the coalition include reducing the legal age of voting from 18 to 16 as well as promoting immigration, making it easier to get German citizenship. 

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