In late December, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf took to Twitter to light a fire under the state legislature to end cannabis prohibition statewide. “Pennsylvanians have spoken, and they want to see us legalize recreational marijuana,” Gov. Wolf wrote via his official social media account. But it’s the “how” of the matter that has lawmakers in the Keystone State divided. Wolf has steadily pushed for “efforts to restore justice to Pennsylvanians who have been over-punished for marijuana offenses.” And his recent tweet included a signal to residents that he’s not the one stalling progress toward recreational sales. “I’m for it — I just want to be sure we also include measures to restore justice to those who have been harmed by the War on Drugs,” he added, before saying: “Legislators, let’s get this done for PA. Lawmakers in PA are mostly in agreement that weed should be legal. They just can’t agree on how to structure a recreational market. The main disagreement centers around how to allocate the tax revenue that recreational weed will generate. Right now, there are three separate frameworks for legalization, with six different representatives carving paths to the same destination.

Sarah Gethers, Leafly, 01/04/2022 15:41:00

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