Pfizer wants in on the cannabis game. Will you be buying Pharma Weed? Most consumers say absolutely not. You may not have heard the wonderful news. Our great overlords and global saviors at Pfizer announced their intentions to get into the medical cannabis market via their $6.7 billion acquisition of Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. Of course, the giant pharmaceutical company has a lot of “expendable cash” available due to the pandemic. However, the news of Pfizer wanting to break into the medical cannabis industry isn’t something new. Every advocate understood that once cannabis is legalized globally, these giant pharmaceutical companies would definitely make their claim to some portion of the marketplace. Whether this is a “good” thing or a “bad” thing is irrelevant; the truth of the matter is that pharma entering into the cannabis industry is an inevitability. Putting my personal prejudices aside for a moment, along with some of the more atrocious historical facts of the company, perhaps this could be the dawn of the next wave of cannabinoid medicines. While some might cringe at the idea of pharma handling this sacred plant, cannabinoid-based medicines will evolve into more standardized packaging. It will eventually become dose-specific and potentially a robust cannabinoid treatment protocol for a large group of conditions. For that to happen, pharma has to dig their money-hungry hands into the market and begin to do some R&D. In the case of their recent acquisition, we can already see that they are targeting specific conditions and will be creating a medication instead of trying to sell tinctures, whole plant, etc.

420 Intel – Marijuana Industry News, 01/05/2022 19:00:00

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