Kansas Democratic leaders on Thursday announced that they will be introducing proposals to let voters decide on legalizing medical and adult-use marijuana in the state. House Minority Leader Tom Sawyer (D) and Assistant Minority Leader Jason Probst (D) held a briefing on the plans, emphasizing that constituents are eager for the reform and so the proposed constitutional amendments would let them decide since the GOP-controlled legislature has failed to act. The Kansas officials noted the similarity between their new plan and one unveiled by Iowa Democrats this week that would also refer marijuana to voters. There are also several other states where lawmakers are pushing to put cannabis measures on the ballot. Sawyer said that while Republicans have had “very little interest in passing any sort of marijuana reform” through the traditional legislative process, he’s hopeful they will at least pass the measures to give voters a say in November.

Kyle Jaeger, Marijuana Moment, 01/06/2022 14:16:00

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