The new German coalition has indicated one of its many priorities is the legalization of cannabis for adult use. Those familiar with the United States’ cannabis policy climate will recognize a similar struggle underway in Germany between liberal and conservative political positions. Interestingly, both liberals and conservatives in countries like the U.S. and Germany want legalization, but differ on how to enact it. Let’s look at the state of adult-use cannabis in Germany and examine the international examples that would best inform market entrant strategy for this burgeoning industry. Politic Divides Must Not Muddle Market Priorities The German liberal coalition — consisting of the Social Democrats (SPD), the Green Party, and the Free Democrats (FDP) — have the legalization of adult-use cannabis on their docket as well as an entire suite of progressive initiatives such as phasing out coal by 2030, increasing voters’ rights, raising the minimum wage, and streamlining immigration. In addition to this ambitious set of initiatives, the creation of rules and regulations for the adult-use cannabis market could take six months or more.

Mmp News Author, Medical Marijuana Program Connection, 01/21/2022 06:17:00

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