Researchers in Sweden have published results of a study that set out to determine if changes in cannabis laws lead to an increase in recreational use in adolescents and young adults. Their findings showed that there was no support for the claim that cannabis legalization increases the prevalence of cannabis use in people aged 15 to 34 years old. Cannabis is the most used illicit drug in the world, with approximately 90 million people in Europe alone having used cannabis at least once in their lifetime, and nearly one in ten young people reporting to be monthly users in 2019. Critics of cannabis legalization often raise the concern that allowing free and legal access to cannabis would make it more attractive to teens and young adults, which they assume would inevitably result in increased use. With a swathe of varying degrees of legislation changes in Europe currently underway in countries such as; Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Malta, Italy, UK, Estonia, Czech Republic, and others, researchers thought it important to address people’s concerns around the social harm that may come from cannabis legislation changes.

420 Intel – Marijuana Industry News, 01/23/2022 19:00:00

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