A medical cannabis task force has delivered its promised recommendations to Maine’s Office of Marijuana Policy: recommendations that are meant to assess the market’s current framework and suggest a helpful, accessible path forward. One major target of the task force’s work over the past few months? Seed-to-sale tracking. And, long story short, the task force has come out against the mandate of such a system. According to the Portland Press Herald, “the group soundly rejected the policy office’s previously proposed requirement that the medical market adopt a ‘track-and-trace’ product tracking system.” This has been a point of contention between Maine’s caregiver-led medical cannabis space and the policymakers charged with developing robust regulations to match the broader U.S. cannabis industry’s evolution.  The task force—which includes cannabis business stakeholders and patients—concluded that the state’s tracking system should be required solely for licensed dispensaries. Caregivers, of whom the state counts around 3,000, would be given voluntary standing with the system, according to the task force’s proposal. Right now, the track-and-trace system is in place for the state’s relatively new adult-use market.

Posted Melissa Schiller, Cannabis Business Times, 01/26/2022 10:49:00

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