Frankly, with all things considered, it may be fair to assume that tech is one of the most cannabis-friendly industries to work in. There aren’t many industries that have been more welcoming to the cannabis community than tech. And the industry’s adoption of cannabis couldn’t have come at a better time. Because cutting-edge technology has been crucial in connecting cannabis brands and products with their consumers while meeting the expectations of regulators, it’s only natural to wonder how accepting employees in the tech industry are about the substance itself. Some of the signs that indicate an increasing level of acceptance of cannabis may surprise you. Only 5-6% Private Sector Cybersecurity Companies Drug Test For Cannabis In recent years, the FBI has had trouble selecting the best and brightest talent in the cybersecurity space due to their restrictive drug testing regulations. Private sector companies on the search for the best talent in the cybersecurity world don’t have the same problem given the fact that they don’t drug test nearly as much.

Jordan Smith, The Fresh Toast, 01/28/2022 08:00:06

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