Honest Marijuana Company partners with a new chain of clinics to set up an African base for medical marijuana production and sales A Colorado marijuana company with global ambitions aims to expand into Tanzania, with the goal of eventually breaking into the European market. Oak Creek’s Honest Marijuana Company, which specializes in organic marijuana, is partnering with a new chain of medical clinics in Tanzania to set up an African base for medical marijuana production and sales. While cannabis production is outlawed in the East African country, the plant is still cultivated, company Empower Africa reports. Should the Tanzanian government decide to ease its laws around medical marijuana in the future, it would follow a trend growing across the continent, with Lesotho, South Africa, and other nations permitting select cannabis ventures. “A decision like that may come, I hope, sooner than later,” said Serge Chistov, a financial adviser for Honest Marijuana. “It’s no longer news in that part of the world that the crops are valuable.” He also highlighted Tanzania’s proximity to European markets.

Cannabis Business Executive – Cannabis and Marijuana industry news, 02/02/2022 09:19:00

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