Hemp Today have the latest on the Costa Rican legislation that’s stalled at the president’s desk Costa Rica looks poised to ban the home growing of marijuana for medical patients but provisions proposed to govern industrial hemp will remain in place, according to changes requested by President Carlos Alvarado. Alvarado late last week partially vetoed a proposed cannabis law that had passed the Costa Rican Legislative Assembly on a slim 29-28 vote earlier this month. All plant parts The proposed law covers cultivation, harvesting, processing, storage, and transport of medical marijuana and hemp, and would make all hemp components legal for food and industrial purposes. Alvarado said he is sending the bill back to the Legislative Assembly with recommendations for changes that would eliminate three provisions related to the “self-cultivation and self-consumption” of marijuana for medical purposes. Despite rejecting the legalization of controlled home growing of marijuana by medical patients, Alvarado said he “categorically” supports regulated medical cannabis. For ‘economic recovery’ “And I also support industrial hemp, because it will help agricultural production and economic recovery.

Cannabis Law Report, 02/01/2022 19:06:00

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