Minnesotans registered in the state’s medical cannabis program will be able to buy dried flowers for smoking from dispensaries beginning in March. The Minnesota Department of Health says those interested in smoking cannabis can make an appointment for a consultation with a dispensary pharmacist beginning on Feb. 1, as they will need to be pre-approved to buy pre-packaged dried flower and joints. Appointments for any patient changing the type of medical cannabis they receive. “Patients need to weigh the risks of smoking medical cannabis, including those related to secondhand smoke and lung health, with any potential benefits,” said Minnesota Commissioner of Health Jan Malcolm, in a statement. “Smokable cannabis may not be right for everyone; patients should have a conversation with their health care practitioner for guidance.” Last year, a bill passed with bipartisan support, expanding the state’s cannabis program to include more ailments in an effort to make the program more economically viable. Part of that legislation allowed for the smoking of dried cannabis flowers in early 2022. To participate in the state’s program, Minnesotans need to have certain underlying conditions that are certified by a health care provider.

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