On January 1, 2022, cannabis flower finally became available to Louisiana’s 10,000 registered medical marijuana patients. Patients and pharmacists are pleased with the newfound access. Now they’re hoping supply will increase to meet demand—and bring down those high prices. Louisiana became the first Deep South state to legalize medical cannabis in limited forms back in 2016, but those forms were extremely limited. The smokeable flower was not allowed. Now the Bayou State is allowing patients to find relief with the plant directly. Governor John Bel Edwards set the change into motion last summer by signing House Bill 391, which legalized the dispensing, purchasing, and usage of medical cannabis in flower form. This is a big step forward, as cannabis flower represents roughly half of all product sales in most medical and adult-use states. In order to receive a medical marijuana card, patients have to send their medical records to a Medical Cannabis Physician (who has to be licensed and in good standing) to determine their debilitating condition(s), schedule a consultation appointment (via telehealth or in-person), and receive a medical recommendation from their physician. Consultation appointments cost around $200 and are not covered by health insurance due to the continuing federal prohibition of cannabis in all forms. We interviewed a few medical marijuana professionals and patients to get their insight, thoughts, and sentiments regarding the legalization and dispensing of medical flowers. 

Quinn Foster, Leafly, 02/07/2022 15:36:00

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