The state of Washington proposed a bill that will effectively restrict any impairing cannabinoid under one umbrella, Bill 1668. The bill, companion in the Senate with SB 5547, calls for a label on any impairing product that clearly describes the serving size, potency, and ingredient disclosure standards. Intriguingly, cannabinoids derived from chemical synthesis or fermentation will need to be distinct from cannabis plant products. Finally, hemp compared to cannabis continues to require proper classification which the legislature attempts to define for Washington. Marijuana and hemp are different classes of cannabis each with far different laws and definitions. Hemp is not a controlled substance in Bill 1668 unlike impairing cannabinoids. The classic 0.3% rule would therefore remain in the state of Washington. That means any plant with more than 0.3% THC is considered marijuana and therefore a regulated drug. Impairing natural cannabinoids Standing out is the proposed regulation of all-natural cannabinoids that cause impairment, not just THC.

Travis Cesarone, Latest Cannabis News Today – Headlines, Videos & Stocks, 02/09/2022 13:00:00

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