Pro Pakistani reports on the lack of progress The Federal Cabinet had approved the initial plan to legalize industrial hemp in September 2020, with an aim to use the hemp market to increase export and meet the demand for hemp fiber, CBD-based medicines, and other sectors. The project is led by the Ministry of Science and Technology under the supervision of Senator Shibli Faraz, who claimed to have worked hard on Industrial Hemp & Cannabis Policy 2021. However, several companies that initiated the process of registration or licensing for the use of industrial hemp are still awaiting approval. A group of British Pakistani professionals told Propakistani that they are still waiting for a license to be issued to start the cultivation of medicinal hemp The company has entered the Pakistani market with big plans to help the country in providing cheap cancer treatment to common Pakistanis as well as bringing in foreign exchange for the country among other services. CEO of the company, Reza Shah, told ProPakistani that the company, besides bringing in foreign investment along with technology, aims to create employment opportunities as well.

Cannabis Law Report, 02/10/2022 18:58:00

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