Kanabo, the European medicinal cannabis company focusing on the development and distribution of cannabis-derived products for medical patients and wellness CBD consumers, has purchased The GP Service (GPS), one of the leading private telemedicine and online primary healthcare service providers in the UK. The deal, announced Monday, is worth £14m. Patients can, for a set price of £39.99, get an appointment with the UK registered GP within half an hour and then get a prescription sent to one of 4,200 pharmacies within an hour for £7.49. As well as the purchase, Kanabo announced that it has successfully completed a £2.25 million fundraising via the company’s broker, Peterhouse Capital Limited. Kanabo’s acquisition of The GP Service will facilitate the rapid growth of the existing GP digital and telemedicine business and will establish a new and fully compliant channel to market for Kanabo’s products for medical patients. Through improved access to these products, Kanabo hopes to make a substantial contribution to improving outcomes for thousands of patients in the UK and Europe.

Mmp News Author, Medical Marijuana Program Connection, 02/22/2022 04:29:00

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