Financing and advertising have often been tricky arenas for cannabis companies to navigate in states that have legalized marijuana. (Click here for Benzinga article) Unlike well-known brands such as Nike Inc. or Anheuser Busch InBev’s Budweiser, there have been limitations on reaching customers through traditional advertising mediums such as magazines or television because the U.S. government considers marijuana a Schedule 1 drug. Because of that status, funding that’s available to most mainstream businesses is largely unavailable to cannabis businesses. Cannabis businesses also have difficulty reaching their intended audience because of the restrictions most states place on advertising the products. But California-based digital marketing platform MediaJel has reportedly developed solutions to both problems. The company recently launched MediaJel Capital to provide cannabis funding via flexible financing options that enable them to invest in digital marketing and advertising solutions designed to help them build brand awareness, acquire new customers and expand their businesses. The funding can be used to accelerate a marijuana businesses’ digital marketing, invest ineffective advertising, and cultivate a loyal buying audience. The process is simple. Cannabis companies fill out an application and discuss their options with a dedicated funding adviser.

420 Intel – Marijuana Industry News, 02/21/2022 19:00:00

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