Fourteen months after taking control of the federal government, they’ve done nothing to loosen federal marijuana restrictions. On the brink of gaining control in Washington, Sen. Chuck Schumer said emphatically in 2020 that “I am going to do EVERYTHING I can to end the federal prohibition on marijuana” if Democrats took back the Senate. But 14 months since winning, Senate Democrats haven’t even succeeded at changing the little things. This week offered the most dramatic example yet of Democrats’ inability to make any progress on their cannabis promises: The new government spending package released on Wednesday continues to prohibit Washington, D.C. from establishing a cannabis marketplace, more than seven years after District voters overwhelmingly backed legalization. That wasn’t the only weed provision left on the cutting room floor. The spending bill also failed to protect state-regulated recreational cannabis markets, nor did it expand medical marijuana research or protect veterans who use cannabis — two issues with widespread bipartisan backing. “I’m very frustrated and really disappointed,” said Rep. Lou Correa (D-Calif.), a champion of cannabis policy changes.

Cannabis Business Executive – Cannabis and Marijuana industry news, 03/13/2022 21:34:00

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