The Cannabis Control Board issued its first license on Monday for retail marijuana cultivation in Vermont. Officials say more licenses are in the pipeline but frustration is growing for some who are trying to plant their roots in the industry. Despite a slight delay in the cannabis licensing process, businesses looking to get into the retail cannabis space are moving forward with plans. “I’m doing everything in my power to be ready to open on October first,” said Scott Sparks of the Vermont Hempicurean. Sparks has been selling CBD in Brattleboro for four years. But next door to the Vermont Hempicurean, he has big plans– a retail shop for marijuana. Sparks is still waiting to hear back on his retail preapproval but is going ahead with the needed work. “I’ve had multiple security companies come in and review it multiple times apiece,” Sparks said. He also plans to grow cannabis onsite, which he has been preapproved for. But he says rules in this fledgling industry are fluid. “It’s like one step forward two steps back,” he said.

Cannabis Business Executive – Cannabis and Marijuana industry news, 05/17/2022 07:58:00

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