The country has over 100K medical patients who pay far too much for their prescriptions and in the main can only access these prescriptions from medical cannabis companies rather than GPs. These companies also tend to ask for hideously expensive consulting “fees” because the AMA refuses to take medical cannabis seriously so only very few GPs actually prescribe the stuff. Australia hasn’t even bothered to start the discussion of decriminalizing cannabis never mind regulating it on a national basis. The police spend a lot of their time chasing cannabis users and growers. The list goes on and on. We aren’t sure why anybody would be surprised that a medical cannabis patient or a casual cannabis user wouldn’t mark 1 in the senate box so the party could put the pressure on the Greens to put pressure on Labor to do something about what is quite frankly a ridiculous state of affairs.

Cannabis Law Report, 05/24/2022 01:14:00

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