Texas activists announced on Wednesday that they’ve collected more than enough signatures to qualify a marijuana decriminalization initiative for the local ballot in San Marcos. This is the latest development in an activist-led push that’s seen Austin voters approve the cannabis policy change in the state’s capital last month and signatures submitted to qualify similar decriminalization measures for local ballots in November in three additional cities in recent weeks. Now, advocates with the progressive group Ground Game Texas, as well as the criminal justice reform organization Mano Amiga, say they’ve collected more than 10,000 signatures to place the issue before San Marcos voters during the upcoming midterm election. The campaign already pre-verified 4,500 of those signatures, so they’re especially confident it will qualify because that exceeds the 4,182 valid signatures they need to make the cut. We now look to City Council to ensure San Martians, in a true democratic fashion, have the opportunity to approve the Reeferendum at the ballot box in November.

Kyle Jaeger, Marijuana Moment, 06/01/2022 14:19:00

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